Useful tips for writing letters, essays in English. How to Write a Successful Cover Letter   How to Write Informal Letters   Useful Words and Phrases for Writing Formal Letters   Writing a Letter or an Email     How to Write a Great Essay Quickly     How to […]

How to Write a Letter or an Essay in English

English tenses are of three types: Present, Past and future. Tenses are divided on the basis of time. Past Simple & Present Perfect Tenses   The Past Continuous Tense   The Past Perfect Tense   Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous   Present Simple & Present Continuous Tenses   Present […]

Verb Tenses in English

1.MOTHER Idioms   A mama’s boy E.g. I thought I loved him until I realized he was a momma’s boy who can’t do anything without his mother’s permission or approval. At your mother’s knee E.g. I learned how to bake at my mother’s knee when I was just a girl. […]

List of Common Idioms Arranged in Categories

Compound adjectives are adjectives that are made up of two or more words usually with hyphens (-) between them. Compound adjectives can be formed as follows: 1. Adjective + Past participle narrow-minded I can’t stand narrow-minded people who are intolerant of new ideas. high-spirited The students gave a high-spirited musical performance. […]

What Is a Compound Adjective? Definition, List and Examples

Prepositional phrases act as single parts of speech. They usually act as adjectives or adverbs. Prepositional Phrases with AT at the age of E.g. I learned to drive at the age of 21. at the beginning of E.g. I joined a gym at the beginning of the year. at the […]

Prepositional Phrases with BY, AT, IN & FOR in English

IN, ON and AT are used as both time prepositions and place prepositions in English. Prepositions of Time IN in the morning in the afternoon in the evening in February in March in the summer in the winter in the autumn in the spring in 1999 ON on Monday on […]

How to Use Prepositions AT – IN – ON

“Dis” Prefix 1. Disable 2. Disabuse 3. Disaccommodate 4. Disaccommodation 5. Disaccordant 6. Disbalance 7. Disband 8. Disbar 9. Disbark 10. Disbase 11. Disbecome 12. Disbelief “Im” Prefix 1. Impatient 2. Immoral 3. Imbalance 4. Immature 5.Impartial 6. Impenetrable 7. Imperfect 8. Impolite 9. Immortal 10. Impossible 11. Impotent “Mis” […]

Antonyms List Using Common Prefixes in English

Learn list of 20+ English Word Pairs that Confuse Absolutely Everyone. Commonly Confused Words in English. 1.TO vs. FOR 2. TOO vs. ENOUGH   3. GO vs. COME 4. HOW MUCH vs. HOW MANY  MUCH is used with uncountable nouns (a large amount of something), such as tea, sugar, water, air, rice, knowledge, beauty, anger, fear, […]

Commonly Confused Words: 20+ Word Pairs that Confuse Absolutely Everyone

Learn Common English Phrases and What You Can Use Instead… Ways to Say “Very Good” 1. You’re on the right track now! 2. That’s the best ever 3. You’ve got it made 4. You’ve just about mastered it 5. Super! 6. Perfect! 7. That’s right! 8. That’s better than ever 9. […]

Common Phrases and What You Can Use Instead

Common words in English and learn what you can use instead. Words to Use Instead of “AFRAID” 1. Tense E.g. She sounded tense and angry. 2. Panicky E.g. He was feeling panicky. 3. Terrified E.g. She was terrified at the thought of being alone. 4. Frightened E.g. I’m too frightened […]

Other Ways To Say Common Things in English